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Architectural / Dimensional Letters & Logos
Injection Molded Dimensional Letters
Architectural / Dimensional
Letters & Logos

Options include laser cut acrylic, water-jet cut
metal, dimensional injection-molded plastic letters,
numbers & logos as well as
metal plaques.

Molded plastic letters provide the clean, crisp look
of metal in tandem with lighter weight and
affordability. Characters are available in a wide
variety of colors, fonts, shapes, symbols and
sizes.  They are durable enough to withstand all
weather conditions.  Laser cut acrylic characters,
offered in more than 30 colors from 1/8th to 3/4th
thickness, are ideal for unusual fonts and custom

We are an authorized
Gemini Inc. dealer and have
many samples for you to review or borrow.  Gemini
provides a lifetime guarantee and the products are
produced in the US.

Not keen on power tools or drilling into walls? Let
our experts install your architectural lettering.  We
can pull the permits too!
Formed plastic dimensional letters
Laser Cut Acrylic Logo
Water jet cut aluminum "floating" numbers
Waterjet Cut Metal Letters
Water-jet cut letters stud-mounted into brick by Wrap City Graphics
Laser cut acrylic logo and letters
Progression of installation process
Laser cut acrylic on faux glass acrylic
Stud Mounted Metal Letters
Formed Plastic Logo
Faux Glass Acrylic with Gyford Standoffs
Interior Dimensional Lettering

Numbers in Reverse
Water-Jet cut anodized aluminum housenumbers stud mounted
Formed plastic custom painted logo

Water-Jet cut anodized aluminum house
numbers stud mounted
Formed plastic stud mounted letters