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What Is A Wrap?  See Wraps In Action!
What is a WRAP?

The term "WRAP" is used
many different ways; a full
wrap is just that.  Think of
wrapping a holiday gift.  
Instead of paper we use
digitally printed
adhesive-backed vinyl.  In
order to slow down
sun-fading, the printed
must be laminated.  

Vision Print (also called
Window Perf or View
) is a mesh type
material with digital images
that covers the windows. The
technology enables a
cohesive design and the
driver exterior visibility.

When requesting a quote, be
specific regarding your goals,
understand what is included
(e.g. art/ design time)
materials used and graphics

A full wrap is expensive.  
There are design fees,
material cost (digital media,
ink, and over-laminate) graphic
pre-flight, production, prep &
installation labor.  Compound
curves/rivets dictate even
more expensive materials and
add to the installation time.  
This is  a partial wrap with
print elements and vision
print on the back window.
Truvia - Full Wrap
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Here vinyl was used to create
a custom background effect for the graphics
"Truvia"  is a full wrap.
The vehicle came to us as a
silver SUV .    We
transformed it
to emulate the product's
package - which has a white
This is a partial wrap - and a great example of
how a strong graphic can be used effectively
and be cost effective.
Click Link Under Each Photo for Short Movie
This large, custom Sprinter
van was transformed into
a mobile barber shop.  
Check it out!